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Thursday, November 16, 2006

I am still here

This depression is a bitch, I don't know how I'm dealing with it.
Thanks all for your kind words.

Friday, October 20, 2006

At present

To all you wonderful folks who have been e-mailing me and voicing me due to my lack of content the last month, I apologize from the depth of my heart. At this time I am incapable of writing to any degree as my depression has by far gotten the better of me. Drugs do no seem to be the answer as my Pdoc (very good one indeed) continues cocktail after cocktail and hospitalization is NOT an option to me as I couldn't take the loss of freedom, it would be like incareration. Where life takes me from here I have no idea and no longer really care. If things change, then so be it.

Wednesday, September 13, 2006

It's Been A Bad One

I've had the worst battle with depression over the last month that I can ever imagine.The battle seems to let up one day and then the next it becomes worse than the proceeding day. Pdoc gives me Effexor and it causes me to go loopy, sleeping at at a table while eating, can't drive as I start to to fall asleep, my balance goes out of whack, needless to say wife #1 Diane goes crazy about it. She bitches up a storm over it and I can't say she is wrong however the bitching does have the capacity of causing me to just get more and more tense. As for the Effexor I think I am going to stop taking them. As I have not been taking them that long I feel I can just stop and give the Pdoc the remaining boxes of samples and all will be OK with him.
Last week on friday we had an exciting event, at 2:58 we had a lightning strike the house. It blew out 2 modems, and killed 2 TV's, as well as killing 3 Digital internet cable boxes (2 with DVR)/ The Cable company came out quickly and got the TV's going but the Internet took them 4 days and the kicker was I even had to go out and buy a new BELKIN as that was blown as well.. Diane bought one for her room, a 20" flat screen, she likes the size, not me as I have a 32" HD is more my taste. To watch sports on a 20" is tough whereas on a 32"HD its much clearer and crisper.
We have been living well as there have been no hurricanes bothering us just that little lightning storm just wish the BP would balance out and it is getting better. Have a wonderful Therapist that my Pdoc turned me on to. She is wonderful, thoughtful, insightful, warm,critical, and honest. What more could you ask for? She is straight forward but I have freaked her out bit with the homestyle which I live .She spun around in her chair when I told her about Diane and Remy. That is the subject matter for the next meeting! Oh well some people freak out easily even in their 30's when the're pretty!!!!!
Enough for now, will post more now that I have my 'puter back.

Tuesday, August 29, 2006

Hurricane we go again

Yeah, here we go again. My phone starts to ring as Ernesto makes its way along its way up the Florida Coast. I'm sitting back watching the storm work its way north up Florida. If you all remember last year around Katrina time I told you about the how we in the Tampa area have this Gulf Stream in the water and Jet Stream in the air that works acts as a protective buffer from storms which has been proven over the last 90 years. Again this storm is breaking up as I type this missive it's funny because anyone can check my words against the time as it is Tuesday night at 7PM and the storm is breaking up!!!!! Enjoy folks as that old Sage was right again.

Friday, August 25, 2006

Why's and Why Nots I've Been Here

Its been a rough couple of weeks. The Sage as witty as he can be also can suffer from depression as well. The last couple of weeks have been that depressive hell. Unfortunately this time prevents me from Blogging. I really can hit the bottom of the ocean at times like this. For those of you who haven't noticed in my profile, I am a Bi-Polar II who does definately need to take meds on a daily basis. Now I am not talking about serious stuff here but I take Lexapro, Effexer,and Seroquel. I do take a sleeping pill on occasion but that thats about it. The problem is that frequently I get down in the dumps and when I do nothing pulls me out. Here in the Sage's Home unfortunately nobody has the wherewithall to bring me out of the the funk. I love my wives and son dearly but no matter what they say or do I just can't break through this down feeling. Many of you have sent me e-mails in the last week wondering what happened to me and asking why I haven't posted recentedly, well, I hope this explains to you the reasons for my absence. In the last week I have added a Therapist to my list of Drs. so maybe she will be an asset to me.
So for you Facet, Raine, Queen, Jon and others who have cared enough to write, thats whats happening.

Tuesday, August 08, 2006

My Ice Maker

We have a ice maker in our side by side fridge. Now this unit is a Kenmore (really a Frigadaire) and is 8 years old. I've replaced the ice machine 2 flippin' times since I bought it as I just did it again. Well, it is one of those spiffy ones that deliver the water and ice through the door. Well, after the machine was replaced and making ice and I may add that $250 left our checking accout. The little thing that pushes out the ice stopped working. Now, The Sage, is losing his cool as it was working fine prior to the ice part not making ice and is a seperate part altogether. I tell the repairman to get the part and fix the DAMN thing. an hour later guess what the phone call tells me? The manufacturer no longer makes the part!!! I called Sears today and they explained that I can by it by individual parts of the assembly if I wish. Ready?$373.27!!!! I figure that by the time that I have repaired this ice machine 2 times and if I was to repair the ice bucket/deliverer, I will have put out almost $750 which is enough to buy a NEW ONE.
People complain about gas, food, flowers, soda, and virtually every price but there is one that I have yet to hear anyone say anything about. So I think I'll just thought this little ditty up for you to think about.
Up until about 5 years ago when one went out to but carpet or any type of flooring you would pay in this manner. $4.99 @ SQ.YD today its $1.99@SQ.FT just a little thought.
Everytime you turn around, someone will screw you!!!!

Sunday, August 06, 2006

The Sage found the Soapbox

I have been rather cool about the political going ons in the world as of late, and if the politics aren't rough enough then the Warring actions make it downright sickening. Now before I go on any further, its important to realize that I am NOT ANTISEMETIC, nor am I PRO ARAB. I'm just a guy who traveled over there 35 years ago and am sick and tired of watching the war perpetuating over in the Middle East. The Israeli's and the Arabs are a good start to draw this fighting to a halt.
In 1947 "as the victors go the spoils" an area was carved out and GIVEN to the Jews who were in prison camps and had been displaced during WW II. Consequently a group of people known as the Palestinians lost their land to these misplaced Jewish people. Over the next twenty years these industrial people managed to create a wonderful country bordering on the Mediterreanean Sea. They did such a wonderful job creating this country that they felt they had best expand so what did they do?
In 1967 they had a lightning 3 day war TAKING land of other countries. Immediately they built on it, fenced around it (as we should on our borders) and called it their land. THIS HAS CONTINUED UNABATED for the 30 some years with the blessing our Country and its Allies. Now at long last someone has the balls to say CUT IT OUT!!! And what do the Israeli's do, FIRE MORE MISSLES!!! The reason we are all upset is that Syria and Iran are supporting them in Lebanon. I say they they deserve some help.
America get the hell out of there. We've caused enough trouble in an area that thrives on it since before Magellan. Leave the politics of the Middle East alone along with Iraq. I, for one, am tired of it.